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Genealogical Resources in the DCHC

The Commission’s holdings are generally limited to Darlington County related materials only.  The collection holds vast information on family surnames that in cases dates back to the founding Welsh settlers along the banks of the Great Pee Dee River.  This material is also supported with a very large collection of biographical files containing family records such as journals, diaries, personal correspondence, photos as well as other personal material

We are the official repository for county records and maintain the earliest court and land records of Darlington County.  In this collection we house the court of equity proceedings from the Cheraw District from 1805, County Judgment Rolls from 1807 – 1930, Plat Books 1-11 and Probate from 1725 through 1925.

Many citizens and researchers make great use of our vertical files on churches, school, clubs, and societies.  They span almost two centuries.  We are also fortunate to have decade files on municipalities and communities that document well over a century of progress, history and major events.

We are also proud to support local genealogist in showcasing their work through maintaining a library of over 600 published genealogies.


  • Abstract of Judgments (Index) 1 – 9446 circa 1800 – 1894
  • Account Books
  • Administrator
  • Appeals 1872-1921
  • Charters 1875-1920
  • Citizenship Records 1873-1912
  • Congressional Record Books
  • Coroner’s Inquest 1905-1986
  • Court of Common Pleas Calendars 1870-1895
  • Court of Common Pleas Journals 1806-1886
  • Darlington City Docket Books
  • Deed Abstracts (OLD)
  • Deed Books A-Z, AA-UU, A2-U2, 1-6
  • Defendant’s vs Plaintiffs 1895 – 1920
  • Distribution of State Pension Fund – 1916 – 1973
  • Dockets – CP & GS 1821-1934
  • Equity Books
  • Equity Cases 1 – 624 (Contains deeds and Wills)
  • Equity CED Report Books 1 – 11, 1805 – 1841
  • Equity Records 1805-1871
  • Guardian Books 1887-1914
  • Index to Abstracts of Judgments ( New and Old Series)
  • Inventory & Sales Books
  • Inventory Books
  • Jail bond books
  • Judgment Indexes (Old Judgments 60 – 9446 & New Judgments 1 – 10180).
  • Judgment Rolls 1807-1941
  • Magistrate Civil Dockets 1871-1889
  • Marriage License 1911 – 1922 (White – 4 volumes) and Colored – 5 volumes
  • Order and Decrees 1806-1868
  • Oversized Boxes of Wills & Equity
  • Plaintiffs vs Defendants 1895 – 1920
  • Plat Book 1(oldest), 1-13
  • Probate Records (A1–A1613 before Civil War) through (B1-B5918 after Civil War) 1791-1925
  • Record Books
  • Registration Books 1928 – 1952
  • Senate Documents
  • Sessions Records & Index 1806-1898
  • Sheriffs Record Books
  • Statues of South Carolina Books
  • Supreme Court Records
  • Treasury Reports
  • Warrants
  • Wills
  • Will Books 1791-1925

DECADE FILES (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Acts of the Legislature relating to Darlington County
  • Almanacs, SC circa 1820 – 1840 listing all county elected officials and Militia officers.
  • Business Directories, 20th Century
  • Chronological files c.1785 – 1987
  • WPA Projects relating to Darlington County

EDUCATION (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Annuals
  • Class Rolls
  • Coker College – Chronological files contains Annuals, brochures and clippings.
  • Pay Vouchers
  • Report Cards
  • School Directories
  • School Documents
  • School Records
  • School Census
  • Superintendents
  • Teachers


  • Family Name Files A-Z. These files on Old Darlington District family names contain: obits, group sheets, pictures, bible information, copies of wills, cemetery inventories, census data, pamphlets, and booklets
  • Genealogy Charts
  • Published Genealogies – over 500 volumes

 INDUSTRY (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • A – Z files on local industry in Darlington County, and contains business correspondence, ledger, annual reports, newsletter bulletins from various industries like Sonoco and Nucor.


  • Bays
  • Blueprints – Prints from the surrounding towns on businesses, residences, and landscape.
  • Bridges
  • Grants – Alphabetical file of old original Royal and State grants. Plats attached are copied and placed in plat files.
  • Lakes
  • Maps
  • Mortgage A – Z files of mostly original mortgages found in family papers donated to the Historical Commission.
  • Navigation
  • Plantations
  • Ponds
  • Reconstruction Neighborhoods
  • Rivers
  • Roads
  • Surveys
  • Waterways

 MERCHANTS (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • A – Z files on merchants of Old Darlington District. Folders contain letters, originals or copies of invoices, letterheads, handbills, ledgers, journals and account books.
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Drugstores
  • Newspapers
  • Tobacco Warehouses
  • Banks
  • Savings & Loans

 MILITARY – CIVIL WAR (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Hospitals
  • Muster Rolls – Copies of Muster Rolls on or around Jan. 1, 1862 for each company formed in Darlington District, each filed in separate folder in which any other data on company is also included, such as company histories.
  • Sherman’s March – Folders containing reminiscences of numerous persons who remembered Sherman’s passing through Darlington District. Also a copy of the book “Sherman’s March” a review by: William Light Kinney, Jr.
  • Soldiers – A – Z of individual soldiers
  • Soldiers’ Board of Reliefs
  • Stockade

 MILITARY – FT. PRINCE GEORGE (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Soldier Records – Photocopies from Archives of every company of men from Darlington area who served in this war.

 MILITARY – KORIAN WAR (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Soldiers – Complete file of “The Darlington Report” a newsletter mailed to Darlington soldiers.

 MILITARY – MEXICAN WAR (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Muster Rolls – No companies were formed in Darlington; men from these areas went to Sumter to enlist in Captain Francis Sumter’s Company. There is a photo copies from the State Archives in this file.
  • Soldiers – Files on several men who served, including Matthew B. Stanley, who published a pamphlet on his experience, which is included. Also an original letter mailed by Samuel Williamson from Vera Cruz.

 MILITARY – REVOLUTIONARY WAR (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Pension – This is a folder containing typewritten copies of Pension Declarations of all Veterans. Copies of these are made for files of each veteran mentioned, and usually three or more are named in each.
  • Soldiers – Alphabetical files on each Darlington County resident who had involvement in the fighting.
  • Tories – One folder on Dr. W. H. Mills, leading Loyalist of the area, containing printed accounts and copies of original papers from Pro. London

 MILITARY – SEMINOLE WAR (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Muster Rolls – Photo static copy of Muster Roll of one company from Darlington.

 MILITARY – S.C. MILITIA (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • A-Z files with folders for every known Militia Unit in the District.
  • Company Charters
  • Darlington Guard
  • Militia Meetings
  • Muster Rolls

 MILITARY – SPANISH AMERICAN WAR (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Miscellaneous folder containing copy of S.C. participation in this war & other papers.

 MILITARY – WAR OF 1812 (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Muster Rolls – Copies of one Muster Roll of each of the three companies that went in Federal Service from Darlington District.

 MILITARY – WORLD WAR I (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • American Legion Service Officers and American Red Cross relative to soldiers claims for relief, 1918 – 1935.
  • Soldiers – Alphabetical files A – Z containing letters from soldiers in service and miscellaneous clipping and some original military papers and orders.

 MILITARY – WORLD WAR II (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Chronicles – A soldier’s newsletter published in Darlington 1942 – 1945.
  • Florence Air Base – File (incomplete) of “Windsock” published by soldiers at the base.
  • Prisoner of War Camp – Folder contains miscellaneous data on POW Camp at Florence Air Base.
  • Rationing – Miscellaneous papers of Lamar, S.C. Ration Board 1942 –1945.
  • Scrapbooks containing Letters and photos of Florence men in service, arranged alphabetically under the branch of service.
  • Selective Service – Files of original letters and papers belonging to a member of the Darlington Draft Board from 1942 –1945.
  • Soldiers – Alphabetical files A – Z containing soldiers’ letters and newspaper clippings.

 MURDERS (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • A-Z files cross-index of murders committed by white persons – using name of victim and killer. Mostly before 1930. Occasionally, a newspaper account of the killing is included.

 POLITICAL (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • County Officials – A – Z folders on every county officer from Auditor to Tax Assessor.
  • Democratic Party – Folders containing clipping on party activities since c. 1876. Also some correspondence files of 20th Century County Committee men.
  • Elections (County) – A folder for nearly every county election held since 1792; contains election returns from S.C. Archives and local newspapers; original ballots and campaign literature.
  • Election (Municipal) – Separate files for city elections in each of county Towns. Some contains original ballots and voter registration lists.
  • Public Buildings – Files on Courthouse and jail, etc. Miscellaneous papers on each building. We have the original “Jail Book” of prisoners the 1930’s.
  • Registration Lists – Lists of voters in various Precincts and Townships 1876 – 1896 from S.C. Archives and private records. Computer printout of voters, 1970.
  • Republican Party – Folders containing clipping on party activities and some correspondence files of county committee men.

 POPULATION (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Census Population Schedules 1790 – 1920 (except 1890). Microprint copies.
  • Population schedules for all towns in county from c1860 –1980.

 RELIGION (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Baptist Churches – A – Z folders on every Baptist Church in Darlington County organized by 1960.
  • Baptist Association & Unions – Chronological files of Minutes of Charleston Association c.1750 – 1830 and Welsh Neck Association 1831 – date
  • Episcopal Churches – Same type material found in Baptist and Methodist schedules.
  • Episcopal Diocese – A few old printed Minutes of Diocese of South Carolina.
  • Methodist Churches – A – Z folders on every known Methodist Church in Darlington County organized by 1960.
  • Methodist Conference – Originals and copies of Minutes of South Carolina Conference c.1840 – 1970.
  • Methodist Districts & Circuits – Contains originals and photocopy of Journal from Districts and Circuits throughout the county.
  • Ministers – A – Z folders on Ministers who have served in Darlington District without regard to denomination. Includes clippings, letters, publications by minutes, obits, etc. Also one pulpit Bible and sermon notes.
  • Miscellaneous – Miscellaneous files on churches of denominations other than Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or Episcopal.
  • Presbyterian Churches – Same material as outlined in Baptist and Methodist Schedules.
  • Presbytery – A few copies of Annual Minutes of Harmony and Pee Dee Presbytery.

 SOCIETIES (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • A – Z folders on every society club or lodge known to have existed here in Darlington County. Contains newspaper clippings, copies of Charter, original personal certificates of UDC and DAR, Yearbooks and Minute Books.

 TOWNS AND VILLAGES (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Alphabetically arranged folders for every village or neighborhood no matter how insignificant. Contains wealth of material gleaned from newspapers which had weekly columns from each community. Folders also contain maps, brochures, city directories, & telephone directories.
  • Department and Police Department; chronological schedules of Mayors and Councilmen and their terms of office.
  • Town Council Minute Books

 TRANSPORTATION (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Airplanes – One small folder with newspaper clippings about early flights in this area.
  • Automobiles – Miscellaneous data on autos, including 1905 – 1910 Registration books found in Courthouse.
  • Boats – These are filed under “Navigation”.
  • Bridges – A – Z folders for every known Bridge in Darlington County. Folders include petitions and charters for bridges from old S.C. Archives files now dismembered, old maps, etc.
  • Railroads – A – Z. folders on every railroad operating in the district. Folders include Charters, Time-tables, Stock Certificates, annual reports, Newspaper clippings, Bill of Lading, and Freight Bills.
  • Roads – Folders for road names. Includes petitions for opening of roads found in S. C. Archives Road files now dismembered.
  • Stages – One folder with miscellaneous items including Stage schedules and reminiscences, etc.

 VITAL STATISTICS (Housed in the Grand Gallery)

  • Bastardy Bonds – Folder containing bonds for bastard children.
  • Births – One old book of Births kept by City Officials c.1898 found in the old Courthouse.
  • Deaths – Photocopy of U. S. Census of Deaths for 1850 and 1860 found at S.C. Archives.
  • Deeds for Children – One folder containing photocopies of all such deed found in the Courthouse.
  • Divorces – One folder with copies of several items including a “Marriage Contract Revoked”, c.1807.
  • Golden Weddings – One folder with several such items from 1870’s.
  • Interracial Marriage – One folder with several accounts of such events.
  • Longevity – One folder with several items in it.
  • Marriages – A – Z file on marriages containing verbatim copies of marriage announcements from area newspapers .1850 – c.1900 filed under man and woman’s name. Marriage from Pugh Diary c.1761 – 1803 also included.
  • Marriage Bonds – Photocopies of every Bond found in Courthouse books, c.1810 – 1899. Filed by man’s name only.
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