On March 20, 1890, J.L. Coker, Jr. developed one of the first methods for producing paper from native pine wood pulp.  With the assistance of his father Major James Lide Coker, J.L. Coker, Jr. formed the Carolina Fiber Company in order to manufacture and market wood pulp and paper, specifically wrapping paper via the sulphite…

“My Favorite Human”: Thinking About Lt. William Grover Farrow

What do we owe our fallen soldiers?

That’s the question I was turning over in my mind one morning in March as I drove to work down Billy Farrow Highway. Speeding past Baptist churches and modest houses and farmland, I thought about Lt. William Grover Farrow and his short yet exemplary life. A few days prior, Brian Gandy, the resident historian for Darlington County, had educated me on Farrow’s participation in the WWII Doolittle Raid, a bombing campaign on strategic military targets in Japan in 1942.

The Jacob Kelley House – Encampment of the Third Division, Fifteenth Union Army Corps

Today in Darlington County History, March 1-3, 1865, This house, the home of Jacob Kelley (1780-1874), was used as a Union headquarters on March 2-3, 1865 by Major-General John E. Smith, Commander of the Third Division, Fifteenth Army Corps. During the encampment by Federal forces, the mills near Kelley Town were run for the benefit of the Third Division and foraging parties roamed the area.

From the Archives: “Jumping Jack” McElveen, Parachutist

On Sunday, September 9, 1928, Jack McElveen, a 23-year old from Atlanta, fell to his death in a field on off Timmonsville Highway. He was an accomplished parachutist performing with a flying circus that weekend. It was determined that McElveen “came to his death through accidental means.” Responsible for his own parachute, he neglected to snap one of the harnesses into place, and when he jumped, the remaining strap snapped.

Famous Residents of Darlington County

I am a lifelong fan of “America’s Pastime,” so I was delighted to learn that Orlando Hudson, a former Major League Baseball player, was born in Darlington, SC, on December 12, 1977

Today in Darlington County History

In that same year, the denizens of Dove’s Depot petitioned the S. C. Legislature to become incorporated by special Act, which was signed into law by the Governor on February 9, 1882.

Today in Darlington County History – 20 December 1860

Today in Darlington County History – 20 December 1860.  “An Ordinance to dissolve the Union between the State of South Carolina and other States” is signed at the conclusion of the Convention of the People in Charleston, SC. After Abraham Lincoln was elected President in early November 1860, the South Carolina State Legislature called for…

Letters to Santa From Darlington County

As a child, I remember as a child, the magic that Christmas seemed to bring. How the air seemed lighter, lights appeared much brighter, the general attitude around town seemed more pleasant.

December 13, 1777 – Today in Darlington County History

St. David’s Academy Organized In 1777, a group of prosperous planters of the area formed the St. David’s Society to promote the cause of education.   Darlington County Historical Marker Marker ID: SCHM 16-9 Location: 499 S. Main St. (#15) City: Society Hill County & State: Darlington County, South Carolina Coordinates: N 34° 30′ 21.90″  …