DCHC Board


Mr. Bill Segars, Chairman

Mrs. Patricia Holley, Vice-Chairman

Mrs. Loris Flowers – Secretary

Mrs. Suzanne Calcutt

Miss. Beverly DuBose

Mrs. Carolyn Govan

Bryan Hobbs

Mrs. Sarah Smith


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2019 Board Meeting Schedule




· The DCHC will be accountable to the Darlington County Council.

· DCHC shall hold all meeting in a place accessible and open to the general public.

· DCHC shall acknowledge and abide by requirements of Freedom of Information Act.

· A notice shall be posted in the County Courthouse For meetings 24 hours prior to meeting.

· Commission is responsible for cemeteries: Norwood and Bacote through trust funds.


· DCHC minutes and other official records of all meetings and actions shall be kept as a permanent record of our proceedings.

· Copies of minutes and other official records of all meetings duly signed by the appropriate officer shall be forwarded to the County Administrator within 30 days after each meeting.


· Membership shall consist of 8 members who are qualified Resident electors of Darlington County.

· Members shall be appointed to serve staggered terms by Darlington County Council; terms shall commence from July 1 of applicable Year for a four year term.

· Unexpired terms shall be filled for the duration of the terms in the manner prescribed for the original appointment by Darlington County Council.

· There shall be regular intervals for meetings—not less than once each quarter.

· Attendance roster shall be kept in order to receive compensation for attendance of meetings.

· Members are expected to attend meetings.  An attendance roster shall be kept.  Absence of any member from three consecutive meetings without a valid reason such as illness or pressing personal commitments, shall be considered a voluntary resignation by the member.


· At the first meeting subsequent to July 1st of each year.  This commission shall elect from their membership the following officers for terms of one year:

1. Chairman/Chairperson: Maximum of four, one year terms. DCHC discretion.

2. Vice Chairman/Chairperson: DCHC discretion.

3. Secretary/Treasurer: DCHC discretion.


1. Chairman/ Chairperson: Preside over all meetings and represent the commission when it is not in session.

2. Vice Chairman/Chairperson: Perform duties of Chairman/Chairperson in his/her absence.

3. Secretary/Treasurer:  Insure accurate record keeping.   Keep minutes of each meeting and send copies to members and to Darlington County Administrator.


· QUORUM:   All meeting must have a majority of the membership present to conduct official business.

· REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The DCHC shall present to DCC an annual report of activities and recommendations for any improvements of changes desired in January of each year. These reports and recommendations shall be submitted to the Darlington County Administrator so that necessary recommendations may be prepared  concerning implementation.




Sec. 2-201. – Membership.

(a)    All boards, commissions, and committees of the county contemplated by S.C. Code 1976, § 4-9-170, limited to those enumerated in section 2-204, shall be limited to eight members appointed by each county council member to represent each of the eight council districts. The chairman of each board, commission, and committee shall be elected annually at the first regular meeting after July 1 of each year by the then members. Each board, commission, and committee shall continue in full force and effect and shall have such authority and powers as previously granted by the general assembly and the county council. Chairmen shall be elected to one-year terms and may not succeed themselves in an immediately consecutive term. The county administrator shall serve as an ex officio nonvoting member of all boards, commissions, and committees enumerated in section 2-204.

(b)   Each board, commission, or committee having more than eight members shall attain conformance herewith by not having any member elected thereto until such agency, board or commission shall meet this requirement.

(Ord. No. 140, §§ I, II, 6-16-86; Ord. No. 172, § I, 2-1-88; Ord. No. 187, § 1, 8-1-88; Ord. No. 10-1, § 1, 2-15-10)

Sec. 2-202. – Compensation.

Each member of each agency, board and commission shall be compensated $25.00 for each meeting attended, not to exceed one meeting in any one month. Only members appointed by the county council shall receive the compensation provided for herein.

(Ord. No. 140, § III, 6-16-86)

Sec. 2-203. – Limitation of terms.

Each person hereafter appointed to a board, commission, or committee shall serve no more than two full consecutive terms, excluding unexpired terms. A full term being three years, except for the board of fire control and the library board which shall have terms of four years and members serving on the alcohol and drug citizen advisory committee shall serve until they resign or are reappointed by county council.

(Ord. No. 140, § IV, 6-16-86; Ord. No. 01-15, § 1, 8-6-01; Ord. No. 10-1, § 3, 2-15-10)

Sec. 2-204. – Enumeration.

The county has the following boards, commissions, and committees that serve at the pleasure of the county council:

(1)    Alcohol and Drug Citizen Advisory Committee;

(2)    Darlington County Ambulance Commission;

(3)    Darlington County Board of Assessment Appeals;

(4)    Darlington County Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals;

(5)    Darlington County Development Board;

(6)    Darlington County Historical Commission;

(7)    Darlington County Airport Commission;

(8)    Darlington County Library Board;

(9)    Darlington County Parks and Recreation Commission;

(10)  Darlington County Planning Commission.

(Ord. No. 08-9, § I, 5-19-08; Ord. No. 10-1, § 4, 2-15-10; Ord. No. 14-13, § I, 10-6-14)

Secs. 2-205—2-220. – Reserved. 

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