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In 1845, a twenty-year-old John L. Hart bought from his brother-in-law Colonel T.c. Law some 491 acres of virgin pine forest. Here he established Hartsville Plantation and thus it was known as late as 1913. The Plantation ran along East Home Avenue to U.S….


Woodrow Wilson “Buddy” Johnson, a renown jazz and New York blues musician, was born in Darlington, SC, on January 10, 1915.  A pianist and bandleader, Buddy performed songs with his sister Ella Johnson.  Among his songs that went into the R&B and pop charts…

FROM THE ARCHIVES: “The Company Store” and “That Village Isn’t There Anymore”

I found these in the Darlington Cotton Mill files. Mills, particularly Southern cotton mills, have a complicated history, and I’d like to hear more about them from firsthand sources. So if you’ve got information, an anecdote, pictures, songs, poems, or anything else on the…

SPOTLIGHT ON: Isaiah DeQuincey Newman, clergyman and civil rights leader

Isaiah DeQuincey Newman, a Darlington County native, was an esteemed clergyman and important civil rights leader. Educated in Williamsburg County public schools and Claflin College, he was ordained in the United Methodist Church (UMC) in 1931. In 1943, he helped organize the Orangeburg branch…

SPOTLIGHT ON: Henry Hannibal Butler, educator and ordained preacher

During the Great Depression, Butler was in charge of the distribution of relief supplies to the African-American community, and as a Mason and an Odd Fellow, he was respected by religious and business leaders both black and white. According to “Rev. Henry Hannibal Butler,” a remembrance written by Horace Fraser Rudisill, Butler, among his many other worthy and laudable accomplishments, was “remembered as always being immaculately dressed in coat, tie and vest with a gold watch chain prominently displayed.”