Museum Musings

The Joseph Wilson Fountain Carved Cow Horn Joseph Wilson Fountain was born in 1838 and resided in Mechanicsville, SC. On June 29, 1861, he enlisted in Company G, 9th SC Confederate Infantry. He subsequently served in Company E 6th and Company B 21th. We know that he was wounded at Second Manassas, Spottsyvannia Court House, […]
The Zach Wines Chair This chair came to us in a donation from the family of Zachariah W. Wines and is part of several pieces of furniture from his home. Wines was born November 12, 1847 in Society Hill, SC. He was an African American teacher, owner of a general merchandise store, member of the […]
Pictured above are our two Mayo Interns doing conservation work on a document that is 123 years old. They are repairing the original constitution and bylaws for the Hartsville Electric & Water Company founded on April 18, 1899, with a capital stock of $2,000. The 1910 Sanborn Insurance map shows where they were located on […]
A candlelight walking tour that will allow participants to step back in time to explore images of our past.“ Welcome to a candlelight walking tour designed to give participants an opportunity to step back in time and see images of our past. As we meander around the public square, we will whisper of murder. The […]
Today, as I sit to write this article at the request of the Darlington News and Press, I am extremely honored that our first column coincides with Black History Month.  Over the past year, we have been focusing on collections management and digging deep within our collections to research material for our new Museum.  We are making a concerted effort to balance the narrative and […]
The FIRST African-American sheriff in Darlington County was Thomas C. Cox. Cox, a freeborn native of Charleston, SC, was elected as sheriff of Darlington County in July 1868 and served 2 consecutive terms, ending in 1876.  Cox came to Darlington to teach, and served as the first teacher of African-American students at Wilson School on […]