Museum Musings

In Darlington County of more than a half-century ago, there was a popular Christmas custom that persisted for a number of years, but eventually died out and may soon be entirely forgotten. It was the practice of the county newspapers to publish “Letters to Santa Claus” written by children of Darlington County. The Darlington County […]
DARLINGTON NEWS, March 3, 1892 IN ASHES! Darlington’s Disastrous Fire. TWENTY-THREE BUILDING DESTROYED. GREATEST CONFLAGRATION THAT HAS EVER VISITED DARLINGTON   Over One-Hundred Thousand Dollars’ Worth of Property Swept Away in a Few Hours – A Detailed Description of the Flames’ Wild Havoc – A Diagram Showing the Burned District. The Cry of “FIRE!” ringing […]
We at the Darlington County Historical Commission are thrilled that Nancy Silliman Bryant brought the Edward’s home to Darlington.   The Historical Commission is proud to announce the addition of two portraits to our collection.  The portraits were donated by Nancy Silliman Bryant, the great-great granddaughter of A.F. & Elizabeth Edwards.  She is a native […]
Christmas 2015 Open House (Video Link)