For those visiting the Darlington County Historical Commission, in order to protect the public and our employees…

  • If you have any flu/cold-like symptoms (headaches, loss of energy/fatigue, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, vomiting,  or diarrhea) and have a fever, please do not enter the Historical Commission.
  • If you are presenting these symptoms, you will be asked to leave the Historical Commission immediately.
  • Currently, a mandatory hand sanitizing station is immediately inside the door for all people entering the facility.

This is a county-wide directive for all facilities from the County Administrator’s Office until further notice

Current Cancelation and Updates:

  • All activities at the Jacob Kelley House location in Hartsville – until further notice.
  • Darlington County Historical Society Annual Spring Meeting –  this event will be rescheduled as our Fall meeting in October.
  • The Darlington County Historical Commission Board Training Workshop in Columbia – we will reschedule.
  • All volunteer opportunities – until further notice.

Currently, the Historical Commission is open but we are closely monitoring the situation and will adjust operations as directed by the County.  We are also closely monitoring our patrons for any of the symptoms listed above.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time

For more information on the Historical Commission’s response to COVID-19, contact the Historial Commission staff or the Director, Brian Gandy at 843-398-4710 or by e-mail at




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