The Christmas greetings letter is a special way of touching the heart of friends and families, and the aim behind writing it is to reach out to them on this special occasion. The letter is a way to wish them all the best and good luck for rest of year.

Christmas is a festival of great joy and sharing for people all over the world.  Many people who aren’t Christians also enjoy celebrating Christmas. A Christmas greeting letter, also called an Xmas letter, is a letter written to convey the season’s greetings to somebody.

In the course of processing material acquired by the Historical Commission we came across this Christmas letter and thought you might find it as interesting as we did.   The letter is addressed to the C. W. Coker Company of Society Hill, SC.  It was written by W. T. Wright, general sales manager for the F. S. Royster Guano Company of Norfolk, Virginia.  It is dated Christmas 1927, Just 2 years before the Great Depression.

From the collections at the Darlington County Historical Commission



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