Thanks to our new website, we are posting unidentified photos from within our collections here at the Historical Commission.  We are counting on more people discovering photographs they haven’t seen before, even family pictures. Most exciting for the Commission staff is the help the community is giving us with identifying people in the photos, using the Send Feedback form on the bottom of the page.  Already we’ve had many names put to what were previously unidentified faces.


The Photo Identification page on our new website.

Send Feedback

When you fill out the Send Feedback Form, a message is generated with your comments going directly to the Commission.  Please list any information and/or suggest corrections to the current description. We need the whole community to pitch in, and now that it’s so hot, it’s a great way to have fun while e-volunteering.

The ability to get the whole community involved in identifying our unknown photographs is important work, and it’s fun. Please help when you can, and tell your friends about the Photos To Identify page on our website.

Capture 2

A view of the Send Feedback Form.


Remember that your comments don’t appear instantly on the website; they need to be reviewed and verified by Commission staff.  Identified photos will be shared on Facebook and Instagram, then replaced with a new, unidentified photo.

Capture 3

A sample image from the page.

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