Hartsville, Coker College Liberal Arts Bldg.

Present day Coker College

The trustees of Welsh Neck High School converted their institution into a non-sectarian Baptist college. It opened September 30, 1908, as “Coker College for Women,” founded by James L. Coker. Baptist control ended in 1944, and in 1969, the college became co-educational. The Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics opened on the campus in 1988. Throughout its history, Coker has emphasized liberal arts.

Coker College Campus Arial View 1909.JPG

Aerial view of Coker College circa 1909.


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  1. My mother graduated from Coker College in the mid sixties. She drove 50 miles each day. She attended school after having three children and received her degree in public school music. She loved Coker College. It has a beautiful campus.

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