Letter to Governor R.K. Scott from Richard H. Humbert, July 18th, 1868

Letter to Governor R.K. Scott from Richard H. Humbert, July 18th, 1868

Born in Charleston, Richard H. Humbert was a devoted resident of Darlington County. A former slave who taught himself to read and write, Humbert wrote his own pass for freedom. He was an active member of the South Carolina Republican Party and an organizer for African-Americans in 1868. In a letter to Governor R.K. Scott dated July 18, 1868, Humbert wrote: “I have the honor respectfully to state that I have organized two companies of militia at Darlington, and one at Florence. . .I am the only man of color in this county capable of organizing militia, having served as orderly sergeant for two years in the U.S.A. during the Rebellion.” In fact, our records indicate that, as of 1874, Humbert attended the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Eighth Regiment of the National Guard.

Humbert also served in the South Carolina House of Representatives for eight years. He was a judge in Darlington County from 1871-1878.


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