Month: June 2017


On June 30, 2000, The Patriot, a feature film starring Mel Gibson, is released in theaters. Mel Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, an American swept up in the Revolutionary War when a sadistic British officer murders Martin’s son.  The script writer Robert Rodat claims that Benjamin Martin…

SPOTLIGHT ON: Rosenwald Consolidated School/Rosenwald High School

The Julius Rosenwald Fund was established in 1915 to provide grants to African Americans for school construction. Rosenwald, the president of the Sears Roebuck Company, worked closely with Tuskeegee Institute in Alabama to develop the program. 

German POWs in Darlington

Below is a lovely note written by Dorothy Law Martin in March 2011. It’s about German prisoners of war who worked on her father’s farm.  My Dad, W.P. Law, had a large farm on the old Hartsville Road in Darlington County. During WWII my…

SPOTLIGHT ON: Jerusalem Baptist Church

Jerusalem Baptist Church, located at 6th Street and Laurens Avenue in Hartsville, is one of the oldest African-American churches in Darlington County. Organized after the Civil War, its first church service was held in a brush arbor on Snake Branch, a creek near E….

SPOTLIGHT ON: Edmund H. Deas House

Located at 229 Avenue E in Darlington, the Edmund H. Deas House was named after Edmund H. Deas, who moved to Darlington in 1870. Known as the “Duke of Darlington,” Deas was a very active Republican and served as the county chair of the…