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On April 2, 1750, an eighteen-year old George Washington surveyed 226 acres of land for Evan Pugh, an important figure in the St. David’s Society history and one-time reverend at Welsh Neck Baptist Church. The land was in Winchester, Virginia, where Pugh’s family lived at the time and where Washington was the royal surveyor for that area of the state. In later life, Evan Pugh would credit Washington for teaching him “practical surveying.” Ironically enough, Pugh was also born on April 2, 1729.


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  1. That’s really interesting. My gggg uncle, one of the many Howle men who bore the name of Epaphroditus, was an overseer on Washington’s plantation. He is mentioned several times in both George and Martha Washington’s diaries. His wife is mentioned, too.

  2. Thanks, Paul. I definitely want to do more research on Evan Pugh. And a million other things as well. So little time. . .

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