Month: April 2017


Bess went on to play nine seasons in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, and Oakland Raiders from 1979-1987.

Letter from General Nathanael Greene to Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox

On April 24, 1781, General Nathanael Greene sent the following letter to Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. Written and sent from his camp in Camden, Greene wrote: When I consider how much you have done and suffered, and under what difficulties you have maintained…

Doolittle Raid: Timeline for Lt. Billy Farrow, April 18-20, 1942

April 18, 1942 At 8am aboard the USS Hornet, the Klaxon horns sounded, and Captain Marc Mitscher gave the order to Lt. Farrow and the other Doolittle Raiders: “Army pilots–man your planes. Army pilots–man your planes.” The mission wasn’t scheduled to launch for another…

Hearts and Minds: A Brief Study of Darlington Operation Alert

But what I can’t tell you about is the fear and loathing of Communism.

And I certainly can’t tell you what it felt like to be afraid—viscerally, palpably, genuinely terrified—of the Soviet Union launching a nuclear attack on the United States. Because thirty years ago whenever good ole Bert the Turtle instructed me to “duck and cover,” I kneeled down under my desk with a smirk on my face and a near-empty head, my only thought being whether Mom had packed a Kit Kat bar in my lunch that day.

George Washington surveys land for Reverend Evan Pugh

On April 2, 1750, an eighteen-year old George Washington surveyed 226 acres of land for Evan Pugh, an important figure in the St. David’s Society history and one-time reverend at Welsh Neck Baptist Church.