Month: February 2016

Darlington County Historical Marker Program

The markers are intended to mark and interpret places important to the history of Darlington County as the sites of significant events, or at historic properties such as buildings, sites, structures, or other resources significant for their design, as examples of a type, or for their association with institutions or individuals significant in local, state, or national history.


The County was settled in the mid-18th century by Welsh, Scotch-Irish, and English farmers, who grew cotton primarily. The settlement of what is now Darlington County began in earnest after 1736 and 1737 when the province of South Carolina set aside a vast area…

Macedonia Baptist Church -Formed From Darlington First Baptist

Thirteen charter members from the First Baptist Church of Darlington; Evans Bell, Adam Brockenton, Peter Dargan, Fred Duncan, Lazarius Ervin, Hamilton Keith, Samuel Keith, Antrum Mclver, Samuel Mclver, Samuel Orr, Samuel Parnell, Jesse Williams, and Augustus Smalls.

Doves Depot becomes “Dovesville

Today in Darlington County History Dove’s Depot Becomes Dovesville. February 9, 1882.