Month: January 2016

Long Bluff

Long Bluff, 314 mile east on Great Pee Dee River, was the site of the first courthouse and jail for old Cheraws District in 1772.

Welch Neck High School / Coker College

Welch Neck High School / Coker College Darlington County Historical Marker Marker ID: SCHM 16-32 Location: 311 E. Home Ave. (DT) City: Hartsville County & State: Darlington County, South Carolina Coordinates: N 34° 22′ 41.65″   W 80° 04′ 09.60″ Latitude Longitude 34.374043100000002 -80.073400499999906 Erected…

Military Occupation of St. John’s Academy

Within a few weeks after the surrender of Gen. Lee at Appomattox, victorious Union forces began the systematic military occupation of the prostrate South. Garrisons were established not only in Columbia and Charleston, but in every court house town throughout the State, from which matters attendant to the “reconstruction” of the State were administered.


The most common and widespread was the water-powered saw mill-grist mill operation. As early as 1772, Arthur Hart had a saw mill several miles north of the present Mechanicsville, near the center of the heaviest population density along Pee Dee River between Cashua Ferry and Society Hill.


“The modern era had arrived and Darlington was in step with the times.” Darlington as a municipality came into being as a direct result of an Act of the South Carolina Legislature dated March 24, 1785, which created, the County of Darlington. The passage…