Month: December 2015

“Letters to Santa” newsfeed and video.

White Plains

“One of the most substantial houses in the Springville community.” White Plains is a square, frame, weatherboard-clad residence with a low-pitched hip roof. The foundation, once brick piers, has been infilled with cement block. The house, which is said to have been constructed ca….

A Unselfish Letter to Santa in 1927 from Swift Creek.

When reading the “Letters to Santa” we see the innocence of childhood in its purest form.  Their undertones can express a range of emotions from sadness to funny stories. Notes sent to Santa are an unlikely lens through which to understand the past, offering…

Christmas Advertisements from 1919

Local shops and their December 11, 1919 Christmas Ad’s  


A Christmas Story from the French of DeCoppet   Not long ago there lived in the city of Marseilles an old shoemaker, loved and honored by all his neighbors, who called him “Father Martin.”  One Christmas eve Father Martin, who had been reading the…

Bobby’s Christmas Eve Dream

From the Darlington New & Press, December 11, 1919.


In Darlington County of more than a half-century ago, there was a popular Christmas custom that persisted for a number of years, but eventually died out and may soon be entirely forgotten. It was the practice of the county newspapers to publish “Letters to…